Manual for Cleaning car
Tomix Product numbers 6421, 6422, 6431, 6441, 6492

The Tomix cleaning car units various functions intended to clean dirty tracks on layouts. It is also possible to use the car when laying new tracks to vacuum the gravel. The car is usable for all N-scale system, analog and digital. When using Digital please note that after some minutes of continuous use the overheating safety function activates, in this case please stop usage for some minutes.

The car runs with 12V DC and must being pushed or pulled by a motorized vehicle. The car may also be used with DCC system, but it is running permanent with full power then. Power supply may also be provided with a Tomix DC power plug (see below).
Three different operation methods may be regulated over the switch:
1. „OFF“: Car is not active
2. „ON“: Functions run at normal speed
3. „CL-POWER“: Functions run at high speed, pulling engine is slowed down.
Function 2 is intended for normal usage, function 3 may be used for heavy dirt.

The car and accessories:

Power supply with Tomix adapter:

All pads and plugs for the different operations may be changed with the provided tool:

Additionally, especially when used as a vacuum cleaner, an extra brush may be used:

The car may be pushed or pulled.
When used with the polishing pad the additional use of cleaning fluid is possible which is filled into the car with the included device and brought onto the track with the included piece of foam. When using liquid cleaning the car should be pulled.

Placing of foam and polishing pad:

Filling of cleaning liquid:
The used cleaner should be very thin.

Replacement of cleaning pads:
Please make sure the right position and round the edges when replacing the pads.

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