Tomix modelrailways from Japan

Tomytec is producing modelrailways after japanese prototypes under their Tomix brand. The focus of the lineup are the Tokyo metropolitan area with its vast number of suburban trains and the Shinkansen, but of course also models from rural areas are being realized, and also a big selection of locomotives and wagons.

As known from japanese makers Tomix delivers outstanding qualitity, with models being equipped with the latest motors and driving units, all models are constantly being kept up to date. known by japanese manufacturers the main focus is on N gauge, HO models are being released occasionally.


Tomix models are always equipped with Finescale wheels, standard-N-couplers and factory attached details. The addition of short couplers and interior lighting is normally possible. Motorized models normally have 5-pole motors, one or more flywheels, headlight change (depending on prototype), friction tires and other features. All models are fully working with all standard N gauge systems.

All models are normally only released once in a limited edition. We recommend to preorder via our Onlineshop, where you can always find the latest available selection.


The complete overview about all available models by Tomix can be found in the following categories in the Onlineshop:

N gauge Locomotives
N gauge Trains
N gauge Freight cars & Passenger coaches
N gauge motorized chassis and accessories

HO gauge locomotives & Trains
HO gauge Freight cars & Passenger coaches